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Powerful campaign wizard

Plan, setup and manage winning campaigns with influencers on social media.

  • Define campaign goals
  • Select the right campaign channel and posting type
  • Calculate the required budget
  • Specify a pool of products for sample seeding
  • Craft spot-on campaign briefings
  • Identify and invite suitable influencers

linkr's advanced campaign wizard supports you every single step of the way.

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How does linkr work?

Watch this short video to learn more about what linkr can do for you.

Ready-to-rock campaign templates

linkr turns influencer marketing's most popular and powerful campaign types into
ready-to-rock templates that you can leverage to get started in under 5 few minutes.

Product reviews

The vast majority of purchase decisions are influenced by product reviews. So don't wait for them to just magically appear on your product and checkout pages.

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Discount actions

Want to boost short-term revenue quickly? The very simple, yet effective concept is to have influencers spread discount codes for your store.

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Need some exposure for your brand? Grow your social profile by giving influencers a number of free products that they can use in a sweepstake for their audience.

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Want to launch something bespoke and special? Let your creative juices flow and turn your own campaign concepts and ideas into your very own, reusable templates.

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Perfect proposals and cooperation agreements

Craft structured, individual proposals to influencers with ease and nail cooperation details such as channel, deliverables, product samples, milestones or compensation.

In addition, receive cooperation requests from influencers in the same, ready-to-process structure.

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Efficient content sourcing

Leverage the benefits of distributed content sourcing from a network of high-quality social media content creators. Stay close to the latest market trends, formats and channels through cooperations with social media influencers and quickly adjust volumes to your demands at any given time without any long-term commitments.

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Smooth product sample seeding

  • Pro-actively seed products to the influencer community
  • Integrate product samples into your campaigns and cooperation proposals
  • Let influencers pick a defined set of samples when sending proposals to you

No matter which use-case, linkr makes sure that every sample request lands on your desk in a structured and processable way. linkr sample selection offers a beautiful, shopping-alike experience to the influencer, guaranteeing that every touchpoint with your brand is professional and welcoming.

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Product review
Discount action

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Plug-in to our premium network, leverage the smart technology we've built and benefit from our subject matter expertise.


We curate hundreds of profiles every month to provide the best international network of channels and profiles, featuring premium content quality and yielding exceptional engagement.


Get started in under 5 minutes with linkr campaign templates. Save additional time with automated samples seeding, AI powered notifications and many more features at every step of the way.


linkr has the know-how, learnings, data and experience from thousands of cooperations between influencers and brands, facilitated and managed by our teams and platform.


Free micro influencer campaign guide

Despite its rising importance, most companies still struggle with integrating influencer marketing into their daily marketing activities as a channel that performs consistently and can be scaled up. This guide aims to provide you with the tips, tricks and ideas to help you in preparing, executing and analysing your influencer campaigns.

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