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Build an interactive community around your brand and create a branded environment for your influencer network with linkr’s fully customisable Influencer Marketing Solution

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The linkr plug and play solution provides a quick and easy setup that works for most brands. However, the white label solution offers a 100% customizable influencer marketing platform that adapts to your specific business needs and evolves with you over time. With the ability to fully configure every module of the platform, you have complete control over your influencer marketing strategy and can ensure that it aligns with your unique goals and objectives.

Your corporate identity

Reinforce your brand identity with linkr’s white label influencer marketing solution

By utilizing your own influencer marketing platform, you can establish a brand-centric environment for your influencer network. This means that you can customize the platform with your corporate identity, including fonts, colors, and other branding elements, all hosted on your own custom domain.

With our white label influencer marketing solution, you can easily power this branded platform and offer your influencers a seamless experience. By having influencers log in directly on your website, rather than through a third-party app, you can reinforce your brand identity and maintain a cohesive brand image throughout your influencer marketing efforts.

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Dynamic Influencer Network

Create and grow a dynamic Influencer network that combines your contacts with linkr's curated talent pool

With our white label solution, you can build, grow, and manage your own network of influencers and brand ambassadors while also accessing linkr's curated network of influencers. You can easily import your existing influencer contacts and expand your network with new members that match your brand's values and goals. With the ability to maintain full control over your community, you can ensure that your brand's messaging stays consistent across all influencer campaigns.

Moreover, you can also access all of the influencers in the linkr network directly from your own influencer marketing platform, giving you access to a vast pool of talent to choose from. This makes it easier than ever to find the perfect influencer for your next campaign. With this powerful combination of your own network and access to the linkr network, you can take your influencer marketing to the next level and drive even greater results for your brand

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Configuration additional social media channels

Unlock the power of additional social media platforms with linkr's flexible channel configuration

With linkr's white label solution, businesses have complete control over which social media channels they want to support on their influencer marketing platform. While the plug and play solution currently supports Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, the white label solution provides the option to add additional channels as needed. This means that businesses can tailor their platform to their unique needs and target audiences.

Furthermore, the platform allows for specific configuration of deliverables per channel, ensuring that businesses are able to leverage each platform to its full potential.

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Modular platform design

Create your tailored influencer marketing platform with linkr's modular platform design

linkr's white label solution offers businesses complete flexibility and control over their influencer marketing platform. With a modular design, brands can enable and configure individual modules to meet their unique business needs.

The platform offers a variety of modules to choose from, including ranking and gamification, influencer payout and invoicing, subscriptions, campaign templates, product and e-commerce integration, sales commissions, ambassador programs, and more.

One example of this customization is found within the notifications module. Brands can set up their own system notifications in their own corporate language and design, giving them complete control over which notifications are sent, when they are sent, to whom they are sent and whether or not recipients can opt-out of these notifications, further tailoring the platform to their specific needs.

By offering this level of customization and control, linkr's white label solution empowers businesses to create a fully-tailored influencer marketing platform that delivers results and drives growth.

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White label influencer marketing solution

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Unlimited Global Reach

No Limits: add new countries and languages easily and reach your target audience anywhere

Easily expand your reach to new territories with linkr's white label solution. While the linkr plug and play solution currently supports Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, US, and Canada, the white label solution allows you to add any additional countries as needed.

Plus, our platform is fully translatable into any language, allowing you to provide native language support to selected territories for a seamless user experience. With linkr's white label solution, there are no limits to where your influencer marketing campaigns can go.

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Seamless e-commerce integration

Seamless integration: linkr's white label solution offers unmatched flexibility in connecting your e-commerce system to maximize efficiency and automation

linkr's white label solution offers even greater flexibility when it comes to connecting your influencer marketing platform with your ecommerce system. While the plug and play solution already integrates with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Shopware 6, the white label solution goes further by offering the ability to digest sophisticated enterprise product- and order feeds through our TalenD based enterprise connector.

This means that no matter what eCommerce solution your business uses, you can seamlessly integrate it with your influencer marketing solution and maximize automation, operational efficiency and tracking capabilities along the entire process chain.

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