Campaign idea Nr. 1 - Product reviews

Product reviews

The product review dilemma: Over 90% of all purchase decisions are influenced by product reviews but only 10% of all consumers create product reviews.

These days, it’s next to impossible to find a product page, App, online service,… that is not showing product reviews and ratings from customers and fellow buyers. The vast majority of purchase decisions are influenced by product reviews.

Yet, even though most consumers shy away from purchasing a product that doesn’t have positive reviews or any review at all, very few consumers (only 10%) are actually creating those themselves,…

…so don't wait for reviews to just magically appear on your product or checkout pages!

Modern eCommerce and globalisation has led to a sheer infinite choice for most consumer products. With social media on the rise for years, brands no longer control the end to end message chain and decision making process. When being swamped, consumers tend to turn to things they trust – in such an environment reviews, opinions and ratings from other human beings can be a great way to engage, convince and convert and Micro Influencers can be a great source to create them.

Reach, awareness, trust, authenticity and social proof are the main ingredients to your recipe for success!

Not only are product reviews a great way to generate trust among potential buyers and increase on-page conversion rates, they also generate reach and awareness for your brand and products on social channels. As with all other forms of influencer marketing, it is highly recommended not to treat them as one-offs but to take a more strategic approach, building up a loyal, reliable and dedicated pool of influencers for your brand with a series of campaigns.

A great piece of advice also is not trying to push products onto the influencer but letting them make their choice instead. Put out what you have to offer and let influencers come to you. This not only ensures a pool of candidates that truly like your product, thus being able to advocate for it more authentically but also provides great feedback for you as a brand by being able to see what influencers, being representative for their followers and thus your target audience, will pick up on.


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