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10 reasons why connecting your e-commerce and influencer marketing is a game-changer for your brand

Integrate e-commerce & influencer marketing for efficiency, tracking, performance pay, product insights, shorter lead times, and data-driven choices.

christmas campaign ideas

3 ideas for your pre-Christmas season influencer marketing activities

Influencer marketing can boost sales in the pre-Christmas season despite the pandemic. Check out our blog for 3 tips: festive, musical, and DIY.

2. November 2020
instagram reels

Campaign Ideas No. 6 - Instagram Reels

Reels? Seems familiar... Companies, organisations, advertisers and influencers on Instagram, they have all been looking at TikTok with envy in the past few months. No wonder. On the one hand, the app by the Chinese company ByteDance is making people sit up and take notice by breaking download records that they had previously set themselves. On the other hand, something suddenly seems possible on TikTok that was already considered an extinct species by social media marketers: organic reach. In contrast to Instagram, users start directly in the "For-You-feed'', where content is played that the TikTok algorithm assumes the user might like, regardless of whether the user follows the profile that published the content or not. In combination with TikTok - let's call it Content Problem (too fast user growth with too little content) - even low-range profiles can reach dizzying heights in terms of view numbers. All well and good, but what exactly does this have to do with Instagram Reels? Copying is a strong term, but that's exactly what Instagram has done with reels (or at least something very similar). Once you're in the reels feed, you have to keep reminding yourself that you're on Instagram and not TikTok. So just a cheap copy? Not at all! If you are already active on Instagram, you can continue using your existing setup. Even long-term established relationships with influencers can continue to exist. One (not insignificant) detail: The future of TikTok seems uncertain, at least in the USA, and it is not yet clear what a possible ban would mean for Europe. Instagram on the other hand has come to stay - at least for the time being... Sounds good! How does it work? At the beginning, think about whether the format suits you and your company, whether you can use the advantages that reels bring for you and whether the disadvantages of the format present numerous obstacles for you. You can find further information about this here. Content and actions that are well suited for reels: Try-ons for textiles of all kinds, tutorials in the field of beauty, cosmetics, house and garden,... Preparation tips or cooking instructions in the food area, impressions of a location or an event, hashtag challenges,... The choice of effects, music and other creative elements is best left to the influencer - a short note that you attach importance to this but it's still worth it. Don't forget to secure the content rights ☝️ Finally, you can reuse created content on your TikTok channel with relatively little effort. The easiest way to get started is to use our Instagram Reels campaign template. You can find it directly on the start screen in your linkr account:

12. October 2020
influencer discount code

Campaign Ideas No. 3 - Discount Code Action

Working with influencers for discount code campaigns is a great way to boost short-term revenue. Read our blog for tips on conversion, tracking, what to avoid.

28. September 2020
influencer product unboxing

Campaign Ideas No. 5 - Product Unboxing Videos

Instagram Reels allow short, fun video content and can benefit brands and influencers with increased reach and engagement. Read our blog for more.

14. September 2020
influencer marketing mistakes

6 rookie mistakes to avoid for your first Influencer Marketing Campaign

Avoid rookie mistakes in your first influencer marketing campaign, such as not having a detailed plan, focusing only on follower count, not monitoring content

15. June 2020
Boost Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Brand promotion with content creators is still the most effective way to reach new audiences and convert them into customers. That’s why 39% of marketers have increased their influencer marketing budget for 2020.

4. May 2020

Campaign Ideas No. 4 - Lotteries and Sweepstakes

Running a sweepstake or lottery on social media can increase engagement, followers.Tips include knowing your audience and following platform rules. Read our blog

26. August 2019
Influencer Product Collaboration

Campaign Ideas No. 2 - Product Collaboration

Cooperation’s like these have customers running to stores, product selling out within hours of being put on the shelves with consumers posting their newly acquired items.

12. August 2019
Product reviews

Campaign idea Nr. 1 - Product reviews

Product reviews are important but only 10% of consumers actually create them. Micro-influencers can help create reviews to increase awareness. Read our blog.

5. August 2019
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