How to Craft Great Influencer Marketing Campaign Briefings in 150 Seconds

Great Influencer Marketing Campaign Briefings

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Influencer marketing, it’s not easy to get right, but with today’s video we’ll show you how to craft an impressive influencer campaign briefing.

A great campaign briefing consists of four parts:

  1. Why, do we do what we do

  2. Who, do we want to reach

  3. What, do we want to tell them

  4. When, will it take place

  • 1 Start with the Why - This factor gets missed a lot while crafting campaign briefings. Start by explaining where you come from and what your story is. This helps a lot since influencers look for brands that have a good fit with their own brand and audience.

  • 2 Who do we want to reach - help the influencer understand what defines your typical customer. Are they facing a specific type of challenge? Do they care a lot about a specific kind of topic? This helps the influencer understand if their audience is a good fit to the type of person you are looking to reach. Maybe even include some quotes from your customers to highlight what they love about your product.

  • 3 What and 4 When -

    • Be clear about the type of content you're looking for, a video, a story or a post. Pay attention to details that are specific to the type of content you want to produce, for example for Instagram Stories it might help to let the influencer know how many segments to include or roughly how long you would like the video to be.

    • When it comes to the actual content, give the influencer creative freedom, they know best what their audience likes so let them come up with engaging ways to excite them, authenticity is key here.

    • Also make sure to include a time-frame during which you would like the post to be published, if you have a preferred time of day make sure to let the influencer know, they might not be in the same time-zone as you are.

    • And lastly make sure to include any links, hashtags, discount codes or mentions you want the influencer to include.

Now let’s look at a few things to avoid:

  • Starting a briefing with what the influencer should not do - This comes across pretty restrictive and might scare off the influencer by limiting their creative freedom. If you need to include some restrictions, perhaps due to legal reasons, make a small list of things to avoid and put it at the bottom of your briefing.

  • Lack of a clear incentive - There’s really no reason for the influencer to sit back and wonder how much you’re going to pay them. Be clear what you are willing to spend and when the influencer can expect payment. If you want to see the content before he/she publishes it then make this clear in your briefing as well.

So there you have it - some of the do’s and don'ts for influencer campaigns. Want to create your own influencer campaign? You can use linkr to help get you started for free! We help small businesses grow their brands with the help of digital and influencer marketing.

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