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Structured requests - why should I bother?

Are you happy with the type of cooperation requests you are getting from brands?

Would you like it to be more? Probably less?

How‘s the quality of those requests? Could they be more structured?

Chances are that you are finding yourself in one of these two, very common scenarios:

  1. You‘re getting too many requests and they‘re all over the place.

  2. You’re getting too few requests and thus need to reach out to brands yourself.

Regardless of whether you‘re in bucket 1 or 2, this article briefly explains why embedding a public profile page to your social channel will help you to get more proposals from higher quality brands in a more structured manner. So let‘s dig in…

Bucket 1 - you’re getting too many unstructured requests

Congratulations - you’ve got yourself a luxury problem!

If you’re in this bucket, it means that your social profile has grown to an extent where brands are so eager to work with you, that you’re getting cooperation proposals left and right.


Sounds great. That’s where most people in bucket 2 want to be at. So what are you complaining about, one might ask? But you know what we know:

  • You’re getting those requests from all over the place. Some brands send you direct messages on your instagram. Some email you to the address you’ve left in your Instagram bio. Some add a comment to one of your posts. Hard to keep track of all those requests and not drop any balls, isn’t it?

  • The quality of the proposals you’re getting usually has - well, let’s call it “room for improvement”. Would be great not having to go back and forth, asking questions that the brand could have answered with their initial request, if only they had made a little effort.

  • You are getting a lot of spam emails on top. Your social profile is crawled by hundreds of bots every day. Putting your email address up there usually isn’t a good idea as it ends up on lists that semi-shady companies sell to marketers.

OK, problem understood.

But what is this public profile page now and how is it improving things?

Let’s check it out.

Setting up a public page on your linkr account is quick and easy:

  1. Select your custom URL

  2. Add some text about yourself

  3. Upload some images to showcase your work

Great. Public page created. What now?

Time to embed that page to your social profiles.

Your Instagram bio might look like below and we have just elaborated on why that is not a good idea.

Here’s how to do it:

OK, so your public profile page is now embedded to your social profile. Your email address is off the scraping radar. Feels so much better already, doesn’t it? But how are proposals getting any better and more structured now?

With the help of this little button on your public profile page:

Once clicked, it will open the below screen for brands that want to send you a cooperation offer. It forces brands to structure their proposals to you. Brands need to specify what they would like to have and what they are willing to offer in return.

They need to think about which type of postings they would like. They need to indicate the timing for the cooperation. They need to add a detailed briefing / description.

The best thing: linkr automatically calculates the media value of the cooperation specified by the brand. If the cash compensation offered by the brand is more than 20% lower than the calculated media value, we don’t even allow the brand to send the offer to you. Instead, we will show a warning that the offered cash compensation is too low to submit the offer and that the bid needs to be increased. So no more offers that aren’t worth your while!


All those offers show up in your linkr account on both your dashboard and your manage cooperations screen. From there, you can decide whether or not you want to accept the offer and work with the brand.

Bucket 2 - you’re getting too few requests

So you’re in bucket 2.

Time to pad yourself on the back. No, we’re not joking. Almost 1 in 3 people of Gen Z wants to become a content creator these days. Competition is massive and you’re one of those who made it to a level where brands are reaching out with cooperation requests. Congratulations!!

Anyhow, if it were up to you, you’d be getting a lot more of those cooperation requests. Good news is, brands prefer working with micro influencers over working with bigger ones for a number of reasons. Their biggest fear however is investing in a cooperation with an unprofessional or unreliable partner.

So displaying professionalism at all cost is one way to convince brands to pick you over (so many) others.

Your own, custom profile page not only leaves a professional impression overall but also makes it super easy for brands to reach out to you with a structured proposal and will ensure you’re compensated fairly.

And if that’s not enough already, you will also benefit from not having your email address collected by email scrapers (see details under bucket 1).

Still not convinced?

Here are some examples from other influencers that have setup their own profile pages already:

So to wrap it up, there are a lot of good reasons to get started today while there’s not a single good reason to wait, is there? Setting up your profile page literally is a matter of minutes and is fully free of any charges for you. What are you waiting for?

Ah, one more thing: There's a detailed step-by-step guide on how to enable your profile page on our support site.
If you’ve got any questions or feedback, never hesitate to reach out to us via

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