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10 reasons why connecting your e-commerce and influencer marketing is a game-changer for your brand

Integrate e-commerce & influencer marketing for efficiency, tracking, performance pay, product insights, shorter lead times, and data-driven choices.

sales commissions for influencer cooperations

How sales commissions for influencer cooperations really work

Learn about sales commissions for influencer partnerships. Read our blog!

12. May 2021
Influencer Marketing Strategy

How an On-site Ambassador Program can help you to identify new Influencers for your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Discover 5 reasons to love influencer marketing. Read our latest blog now.

22. April 2021
Influencer Marketing Campaigns Fail

Top 5 Reasons Influencer Marketing Campaigns Fail

Is TikTok right for your business? Explore its potential for influencer marketing. Read our newest blog article in linkr network

23. February 2021
How Much Do I Pay an Influencer?

Realistic expectations for your next influencer marketing campaign

Discover influencer marketing costs & how to pay them. Read our blog for insights!

27. January 2021
Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021

Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021

Discover the latest 2021 Influencer Marketing Trends that businesses need to know in order to boost reach and revenue. Read our blog for more!

1. December 2020
online marketing

Online Marketing for Offline Stores

Digital influencer campaigns can help struggling physical stores during the pandemic by promoting safety measures and increasing visibility. Read our blog.

11. November 2020
instagram reels influencer marketing

Are Instagram Reels Relevant to Your Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Reels makes organic search a potential goldmine for marketers. With reels, you can create engaging content, increase your reach. Read our blog for more details.

2. October 2020
influencer marketings vs pr

Influencer Marketing vs. PR

Influencer marketing and PR both aim to promote brands and create brand awareness, but differ in content, interaction and audience engagement.

23. August 2020
post pandemic influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing during and after the COVID crisis

Brands are focusing more on brand values and social interaction, and micro-influencers can help with scalability and approachability. Read our blog for more details

1. August 2020
micro influencer marketing

Micro vs Macro Influencers: Which one Is the better choice?

The debate between macro and micro-influencers never ends.Read our blog to learn more about the differences.

13. July 2020
Fake Followers

Fake Followers - How big is the problem?

Fake followers are a growing problem in influencer marketing. Brands should focus on engagement rates and use influencer automation tools. Read our blog.

25. June 2020
how to start influencer marketing

How to get started with influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is an effective way to promote your brand. Choose the right influencer, use social media, connect, compensate and measure the results.

23. May 2020
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