Which metrics you absolutely need to select influencers for your business - PART 2

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Hi there again and welcome to the second part.

In PART 1, we’ve looked at the following metrics:

  • Audience Size

  • Engagement Rate

  • Gender Split

  • Country Split

  • Audience Reachability

So if you’re not familiar with these or think that a quick brush-up wouldn’t hurt, make sure to check PART 1 before continuing here.

In this part, we’ll explore some soft influencer metrics.

The term soft metric might suggest that they are less important but don’t let yourself get fooled by that. Truth is, they are just harder to express with numbers but can be vital (or fatal when left out) in selecting influencers for your next campaign. Let’s dig in…

Content quality

Admittedly, there’s a certain correlation between content quality and engagement rate.

However, not everything that’s high quality will be engaging and - of course - the other way round. Also, what’s deemed high quality will vary from channel to channel.

On Instagram, for example, quality content often means premium imagery with a pinch of creative spice. Less so on TikTok - here, quality content is funny, informative and entertaining but never staged and without applying any sort of cosmetic filters or correction.

At the end of the day, influencers will produce branded content - i.e. your brand will be shown on the created images and videos. And it’s you who needs to decide whether you like the style and quality of content produced by a particular influencer or not.

To get a first glance on content style and quality, linkr will show your the last couple of posts and allows you to jump directly to the influencer’s social media channel(s) with a single click, to dive in deeper:


People follow influencers (or profiles in general for that matter) for a reason: they want to see more of the type of content they produce. Lottery contests aside, there’s no reason to hit subscribe other than not wanting to miss the next post. And those posts typically have a certain theme or topic - in other words, they fall into a certain category - or certain categories. Examples would be Fitness, Food, Beauty, Parenting,...

Depending on the type of products / services your company sells / provides, it will fall into one or more of these categories too.

So even if all other metrics look great, for a baby nutrition brand to work with a fitness influencer likely is a waste of time and resources - too few people that will fit your target audience.

That’s true most of the time, though it doesn’t always have to apply. If your brand is planning a campaign to promote a language learning app towards the end of the year, than the category might be less important than the fact that nearly all people in the western hemisphere will make their new year’s resolutions at that time.

Similar Channels (other Profiles)

Well, if you’ve invested time and resources into vetting a particular profile, coming to the conclusion that it would actually be a great fit for your business, wouldn’t it be great to simply see some statistical twins to avoid having to start from scratch for the next candidate?

Yes, it would - we think so too.

So for every profile you narrow in on, linkr shows you a set of similar ones. A real time saver!

Other Channels (same Profile)

Next to similar channels from other users, another valuable piece of information is if the same influencer profile exists on other channels - or put more blunt:

Does that influencer who’s profile I'm looking at on Instagram right now also have a TikTok and or a YouTube channel?

If so, linkr lists those profiles and allows you to navigate to them, to check out metrics for those too, with a single click.

Pretty neat, isn’t it ?

Information from your Team

Chances are that you’re not in this on your own but work within a team. So an influencer might be new to you, even though one of your colleagues has already worked with that influencer in the past. Would be great to know, right?

That’s why linkr lists all cooperations that any of your team members, your predecessor - or you even - had with the influencer you’re currently looking at in the past.

In addition, we show you profile-related notes taken by you or your team members. That could be something like the influencer’s birthday, the name of their puppy,...

Also, if you or your team members added the influencer to a list (e.g. high-performer, candidate for spring campaign,...) those lists will be shared with all team members.

Swarm intelligence might be an overstatement, depending on the size of your team but shared information is where great teamwork begins.

Bottom line, there’s a broad roster of both hard and soft influencer metrics to look at and weigh into your decision making process.

linkr allows you to assess all of them from one central screen, allowing you to save time and hopefully produce great results.

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