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linkr joins forces with Shopify

linkr has joined forces with Shopify to revolutionize the influencer marketing experience for Shopify store owners.

This strategic partnership seamlessly integrates linkr's sophisticated influencer marketing capabilities into the Shopify ecosystem, unlocking unparalleled synergies for store owners.

As a result, Shopify merchants can now effortlessly manage and optimize their influencer marketing campaigns directly from within their Shopify backend.

This innovative collaboration empowers e-commerce entrepreneurs to harness the full potential of influencer marketing, driving growth and enhancing brand visibility in the ever-competitive online landscape.

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linkr forms alliance with Shopware

linkr has formed a strategic alliance with Shopware to elevate the influencer marketing landscape for Shopware store owners.

This dynamic partnership seamlessly incorporates linkr's advanced influencer marketing features into the Shopware ecosystem, maximizing synergies and simplifying the entire process for store owners. Consequently, Shopware merchants can now effectively orchestrate and fine-tune their influencer marketing endeavors right from their Shopware backend.

This trailblazing collaboration offers e-commerce business owners the tools they need to leverage influencer marketing to its fullest, fueling expansion and amplifying brand exposure in today's fiercely competitive digital marketplace.

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Flyeralarm Digital

linkr enters strategic partnership with Flyeralarm Digital

linkr has entered into a strategic partnership with Flyeralarm Digital to bring state-of-the-art influencer marketing solutions to their extensive customer base.

This collaboration expertly integrates linkr's top-tier influencer marketing tools into the Flyeralarm Digital ecosystem, maximizing synergies and streamlining the influencer marketing process for clients. As a result, Flyeralarm Digital customers can now manage and refine their influencer marketing campaigns directly within their Flyeralarm account.

This forward-thinking partnership enables businesses of all sizes to unlock the power of influencer marketing, driving online discoverability and bolstering brand presence in an increasingly competitive digital world.

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