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Discover new brands

Discover new brands and cooperation opportunities every day

Browse a broad range of cooperations published by our brand network on a rolling basis and easily submit your application.

Alternatively, submit personal, individual proposals to brands you would like to work with and define your own cooperation terms.

Get personal campaign invitations from brands.*

*make sure to keep your profile information up to date for optimal discoverability

Present yourself professionally

Present yourself to brands professionally and get better cooperation proposals

  • Create your own, custom profile page and embed it to your social media channels.
  • Share further information about yourself and showcase your portfolio
  • Provide brands with an easy to use and professional way to send you cooperation offers.
  • Avoid scrapers to capture your email address from your social media profile.

Curious but yet unsure? Then learn more about your embeddable profile page here.

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Get your personalised profile page

Get your personalised, public profile page from linkr and structure your cooperation requests like a pro!
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Stay flexible

flexible, transparent collaborations

When signing up to linkr, you are simply applying to join a network of quality influencers and content creators. linkr puts you in front of brands you might like and shows you cooperation opportunities you might find interesting. Whether or not you would like to work with someone is entirely your decision, every single time.

  • No long-term commitments
  • No exclusivity
  • 100% transparency
  • No strings attached

With linkr, what you see is what you get - promise ☝️

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Fair compensation

Tired of giving your work away for free or a bargain?

We offer you a fair compensation for every single cooperation - we promise!

linkr calculates a fair compensation for you individually and for every single cooperation offered to you. We base our calculations on audience size, engagement rate, content quality, requested deliverables and many more factors.

We are committed to defining a collaboration price that is both fair for you as an influencer and ensures a reasonable return on investment for the brand. We show this to both you and brands, but allow both parties to change this value. If you still feel that your work is undervalued in an offer, you can always contact the brand directly via the "counteroffer" function, alternatively contact us or simply decline the collaboration.

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Our promise

linkr promises to

  • send you reminders for cooperations that you have accepted and for deliverables that are coming up
  • enable to directly reach out to and chat with brands you are working with
  • payout your compensation - just leave your preferred payment method
  • provide you with correct tax invoices - simply leave your VAT number if you have registered business
  • help you to resolve disputes with your cooperation partners if there ever are any
  • support you with technical problems in case you get stuck
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