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Draft, craft, send and manage individual cooperation proposals or entire campaigns and structure inbound cooperation requests from influencers

Create cooperation proposals

Craft and send cooperation proposals

Elevate influencer marketing with linkr's proposal process. Our platform lets you create custom proposals outlining all collaboration aspects. Define channel, deliverables, product samples, and milestones with ease.

Craft proposals with our user-friendly interface. Proposals are sent directly to influencers via linkr notifications. With linkr, never miss an opportunity to collaborate with the right influencers.

Managing influencer cooperations

with linkr

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Campaign templates

Powerful campaign templates - for lightning fast campaign setup

Boost influencer marketing efficiency with linkr's campaign templates. Fast setup lets you connect with influencers and your audience quickly. We offer diverse templates like product reviews, unboxings, discount codes, and more.

Set goals, budget, and timing, and linkr generates custom campaign briefings. Influencers use these for content that meets your goals and resonates with your audience. Save time and resources while achieving marketing objectives. Experience rapid campaign setup with linkr.

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Custom Campaign Wizard

Tailor your campaigns to perfection with linkr's Custom Campaign Wizard

Gain complete control over influencer campaigns with linkr's Custom Campaign Wizard. Adjust all campaign aspects, define targeting, create goal-oriented deliverables, set milestones, control budget, and compensation. Add product samples for influencers to create resonant content.

The Wizard offers AI-powered suggestions but allows full customization. Create truly unique campaigns that reflect your brand's values. For total control and unlimited creativity, choose linkr's Custom Campaign Wizard.

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Create influencer campaign briefings like a pro

Want to learn the essential parts of an influencer campaign briefing?
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Cooperation Requests from Influencers

Streamline Your Cooperation Requests from Influencers

Streamline your influencer marketing with linkr. We centralize all inbound cooperation requests, saving time and reducing confusion. This ensures all decision-making data is at your fingertips, allowing efficient reviews of requests based on audience, engagement rates, and more.

Never miss a collaboration opportunity with our structured approach to requests. Join linkr today for structured cooperation requests from top influencers globally.

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Real-time influencer chat

Stay connected and collaborate anywhere with linkr's real-time chat feature

linkr's platform also includes a real-time chat feature, allowing you to communicate with influencers in real-time both on the web and on mobile devices. This means that you can quickly and easily discuss collaboration details and finalize agreements on-the-go, making the entire influencer marketing process more efficient and effective. #

With our real-time chat feature, you can stay connected with your influencers at all times, ensuring that your campaigns run smoothly from start to finish.

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Did not find what you were looking for?

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions related to influencer campaigns and cooperations on the linkr platform below or visit our

FAQ page

At linkr, our AI-powered suggestions can greatly contribute to the success of influencer marketing campaigns when using the Custom Campaign Wizard. Here's how:

The Custom Campaign Wizard is a tool that allows brands to create and launch influencer marketing campaigns quickly and easily. When using the Custom Campaign Wizard, brands can specify their campaign goals, target audience, budget, and other key parameters. Based on this information, our AI algorithm provides suggestions for influencers who are likely to be a good fit for the campaign.

By using our AI-powered suggestions, brands can benefit from our platform's advanced data analysis and insights. Our algorithm analyzes a variety of factors, such as content quality, engagement rates, audience demographics, and past collaborations, to recommend influencers who are likely to resonate with the brand's target audience and help achieve their marketing goals.

In addition to our AI-powered suggestions, brands can also use our platform to manage their campaigns more efficiently. Our platform includes features that help brands track influencer performance, approve content, and manage payments. By providing a centralized platform for communication and project management, we help brands and influencers work together more effectively and efficiently.

Overall, our AI-powered suggestions are designed to help brands find the right influencers for their campaigns, maximize their return on investment, and achieve their marketing goals. With our platform's advanced data analysis and insights, we aim to simplify the influencer marketing process and make it more effective for our customers.

At linkr, we provide our customers with comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities to monitor the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns. Here's how we handle tracking and reporting:

  1. Manage cooperation screen: Brands can see all insights in detail right in the platform on the manage cooperation screen. This screen provides information on influencer performance, audience demographics, and other key metrics. Brands can easily view and analyze this data to make data-driven decisions and optimize their campaigns.
  2. Exportable data: We also offer the ability for brands to export all data on campaign, cooperation, or even post level so they can quickly arrange it the way they need it or import into a reporting tool of their liking. By exporting the data, brands can manipulate it in a way that is most useful to them and create custom reports tailored to their specific needs.
  3. Tracking links: We use tracking links and conversion pixels to help brands track their campaigns and measure their return on investment. These tools allow brands to track conversions and sales generated by their influencer marketing campaigns and see which influencers are driving the most engagement and sales.
  4. Integrated sales tracking: We integrate with most popular e-commerce systems, such as Shopify, to provide integrated sales tracking. This allows brands to track sales generated by their influencer marketing campaigns in real-time and see the impact of their campaigns on their overall sales.

Overall, our tracking and reporting capabilities are designed to help brands monitor and analyze the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns. With our manage cooperation screen, exportable data, tracking links and integrated sales tracking, we aim to provide our customers with the data and insights they need to optimize their campaigns and achieve their marketing goals.

At linkr, we take several measures to ensure that brands' budget and compensation strategies align with their goals and objectives when running influencer marketing campaigns. Here's how we do it:


  1. Customizable campaign creation: Our platform allows brands to customize their campaign parameters such as target audience, campaign goals, and budget, to align with their goals and objectives.
  2. Transparent pricing: Our platform provides transparent pricing information for influencer compensation, so brands can understand exactly what they are paying for and ensure that it aligns with their budget and compensation strategy.
  3. Influencer screening and vetting: We carefully screen and vet all influencers who join our platform to ensure that they meet our standards for content quality, engagement rates, and audience demographics. By ensuring that influencers meet our standards, we help brands maximize their investment and achieve their marketing goals.
  4. Influencer compensation guidelines: We provide guidelines for influencer compensation that are based on industry standards and help ensure that brands are paying fair and competitive rates for influencer collaborations. These guidelines help brands ensure that their budget and compensation strategies align with their goals and objectives.


Overall, our measures are designed to help brands optimize their budget and compensation strategies for influencer marketing campaigns. By providing customizable campaign creation, transparent pricing, influencer screening and vetting, and compensation guidelines, we help brands achieve their marketing goals and maximize their return on investment.


Absolutely! At linkr, we offer several features to facilitate communication between brands and influencers during the cooperation process in influencer marketing campaigns. Here are a few examples:


  1. Built-in messaging system: Our platform includes a built-in messaging system that allows brands and influencers to communicate with each other directly in real-time. This helps ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding project details, deadlines, and expectations. Our messaging system is also useful for providing feedback and making revisions to influencer-generated content.
  2. Content management: Our platform provides tools to facilitate content management for influencer marketing campaigns. Brands can review and approve influencer-generated content within the platform, and provide feedback directly to influencers. This helps ensure that content meets brand guidelines and aligns with the brand's messaging.
  3. Automated notifications: We send automated notifications via email, push notifications, and our messaging system to keep users informed of key events triggered by their cooperation. These notifications can be personalized and include events such as cooperation proposal accepted, content approved, and other milestones. By automating these notifications, we help brands and influencers stay up-to-date on their campaigns and ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Overall, our features are designed to help brands and influencers communicate effectively and efficiently during the cooperation process in influencer marketing campaigns. With our messaging system, content management, campaign management, and automated notifications, we aim to provide a streamlined process that helps ensure the success of influencer marketing campaigns.


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