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Shop integration

Integrate linkr with your shop system

linkr offers a seamless way for brands to integrate their product inventory into the platform. With this feature, brands can easily showcase their products to potential influencers and track influencer-generated sales.

By integrating your shop system with Linkr, you can ensure that your product information is always up-to-date and accurate, allowing influencers to easily select the products that they want to promote.

eCommerce integration

made easy

Interested in exploring the benefits of integrating your eCommerce system with your influencer marketing platform? Watch this brief video to learn how linkr can help you to reduce complexity and save time when sending product samples to influencers.
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Product sample orders

Automate product sample orders from Influencers

linkr makes it easy for influencers to apply to your influencer marketing campaigns and easy for you to process the application.

When an influencer applies and is accepted, linkr automatically creates product orders in your shop system for the samples selected by the influencer. This means you can easily manage your inventory and keep track of the products that are being promoted by your influencers.

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e-commerce Integration?

10 reasons why connecting your e-commerce and influencer marketing is a game-changer for your brand
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Discount codes

Automate discount code creation

If your influencer marketing campaign involves discount codes, linkr has you covered. As soon as you accept an influencer's application, linkr will automatically create discount codes in your shop system.

This feature saves you time and ensures that your influencers have the tools they need to promote your products effectively.

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Sales tracking

Automate sales tracking

Tracking sales that are coming in via your influencers can be a challenge, but not with linkr.

The platform automatically tracks the sales that are generated by your influencer campaigns, so you can see the results of your investment in real-time. This feature helps you understand which influencers are driving the most sales, so you can optimize your influencer marketing strategy.

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Sales commissions

Automate sales commission calculations

Calculating sales commissions can be time-consuming, but linkr makes it easy.

The platform automatically calculates commissions for each influencer based on the sales they generate, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. This feature saves you time and ensures that your influencers are fairly compensated for their efforts.

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Check out some of the most frequently asked questions related to identifying and managing Influencers on the linkr platform below or visit our

FAQ page

Yes, linkr can automatically track sales generated through influencer recommendations or referrals. To make that work, as a marketer or shop owner, you will have to either install the respective linkr apps for your shop system (we integrate with shop systems such as Shopify or Shopware) or alternatively add our tracking script to your post checkout page.

linkr will then automatically capture sales transactions and map them back to individual influencer cooperations using personalized influencer discount codes. If those cooperations have sales commissions enabled, linkr will also automatically calculate those commissions based on sales made and allow you to pay them out directly via the linkr platform.

Yes, discount codes on the linkr platform can be customized. Per default, linkr will create individual codes for each cooperation that has discount codes enabled and allows you to adjust them right before activating the code, when you accept a cooperation.

If your shop system supports it, linkr will also automatically create and activate the code in your shop system. You can switch this off for each cooperation individually though.

We currently natively integrate with Shopify and Shopware 6 for functionality such as product inventory synchronization or automated sales tracking. If you are using a shop system other than our supported ones, you can still use linkr without any limitations.

Products can be uploaded manually right inside the linkr app, uploaded via CSV file or setup for automated, periodic import via our TalenD enterprise connector. Sales tracking is possible by adjusting and adding our tracking script to your post checkout page.

linkr simplifies barter deals through automated product and e-commerce integration. Our platform seamlessly connects your product inventory to our system, allowing easy selection and allocation of samples for influencers.

Once a deal is set, linkr automates the order process, directly communicating with your e-commerce platform to dispatch the product sample to the influencer. This streamlined process not only saves time but also ensures accurate inventory management, preventing over-allocations.

Also, linkr will use product information such as the product price to create invoices for product samples - in most countries, influencers need to pay tax on the product sample value and will ask you for those invoices.


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