General info

linkr charges a monthly platform usage fee. Subject to your chosen plan, you have different features included and can work with as many influencers as you like through the platform. You can up or downgrade your plan at any point in time. Subscriptions are monthly cancelable. See pricing here.

How you would like to compensate influencers for their work is separate from that. linkr allows you to set up and execute a broad variety of compensation types like product sample only campaigns, sales-commission campaigns, bidding campaigns as well as fixed price campaigns. Choose the one that suits your needs best!

To get approved you need to submit information about your business to linkr. This includes details such as your address and the URL of your brand so we can check if you are eligible to be on the linkr network. This application process usually takes no longer than 24 hours to process:


When you submit your application to linkr, our account management team will review your store by looking at your website and social channels. There are several key factors that we use to decide whether you have the right fit for the linkr network - amongst others these are:

  1. The quality of your website and store: including imagery, product descriptions, shipping options, payment options and returns policy.

  2. Quality and type of your products: we determine if your products will be well received by our influencer network based on their quality, price and type. Please note that if we decline this does not mean we believe your products are bad, it is simply an indication that they are not a good fit to what linkr has to offer at that time.

  3. Fit to linkr influencers: linkr works with thousands of influencers worldwide and we actively look for brands that are a good fit to those influencers. So if we do decline your application it could simply be because at that point in time we don't have the right influencers for you, in which case we will make sure to get back in touch with you once we have influencers that could benefit your store :)

You can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis at any time. Just go to “Account” > “Subscription" and click the “Cancel” button there. The moment you cancel it, you will still be able to finish your campaigns or cooperations or payments but you won´t be able to use any features that were included in the subscription.

Campaigns & Cooperations

Yes you can. Under the menu item "Discover" you can filter and look for influencers that suit your needs. Filter on category, country, gender, following, size, engagement rate, or name of the influencer that you would like to search for.

In case you are not happy with the results, please feel free to contact

If you would like to do a brand or product promotion with several influencers, it's useful and very handy to publish a campaign to get applications from interested influencers - a great way to source influencers as only the ones who are interested in your product and who have time for it will apply. In total the tab “Campaigns” gives you 3 choices to select:

1. Manage

Here you can:

a. filter for active, past and draft campaigns

b. see your published campaigns in the “Published” column

c. see all your drafts in the “Drafts” column and edit those at any time

d. create a new campaign:

  1. Clicking on the plus symbol on the upper right hand corner will launch the campaign creation wizard, which will guide you through the process of setting up a new campaign step by step.
  2. You can navigate between steps by either clicking "back / next" or directly clicking on the step you'd like to jump to in the navigation area in the top right section of the screen.
  3. You can click "Save" at any point in time and continue editing at a later stage. You will find your campaign in the draft section of “Campaigns” > “Manage”.


e. Each campaign is presented as a small tile, providing you with basic campaign information. Detailed information is available via the "Details" button. If you click “View” you get to the published campaign briefing.

f. To give you a better overview of how many influencers have applied already on your campaign, you can see the number of applications also on the campaign tile.

2. Templates

a. You have the option to choose a template. Depending on your target, just pick one that fulfills your requirements from the campaign template list:


b. Here are best practice campaign templates as well as seasonal campaign templates like “Black Week campaign template”, “Advent calendar campaign template” or “Easter campaign template”. Therefore always have a look at it to not miss out on any updates!

c. By clicking “select” the template opens and you can set up your campaign.

  • You can click "Save" at any point in time and continue editing at a later stage. You will find your campaign in the draft section of “Campaigns” > “Manage”.

3. Create

You have the option to choose between:

  • the “Advanced wizard”: Work with the advanced wizard, giving you full control over all aspects of your campaign.
  • The “Individual offer”: Send an individual offer to a single or set of creators, which will not be publicly listed.

Please bear in mind that influencers can take 24 hours to a week to respond to requests, so make sure you have enough lead time for your campaigns. If you are not getting any replies you might want to check how the compensation you have set for your campaigns is in line with general market conditions and if the posting requirements are ok.

Furthermore, we have crafted a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to setup successful influencer campaigns, holding a ton of hints and advice. Please check on our blog here.

Finally, if you require consultation on how to best setup your influencer campaigns you can ask for the assistance of our expert team via

Once you have accepted an application for one of your campaigns or a cooperation proposal from an influencer, you can check the current status of deliverables on “Cooperations” > “Manage”. See the headline “Deliverables”.

As soon as a post or a piece of content has been delivered by an influencer, the status will switch from “a grey button with upload symbol” to a “green button with star symbol”.

This means

  1. either published: meaning that the post has been published on the respective social profile by the influencer
  2. or review: meaning that you have requested the ability to review and approve the post or content before it is being published or accepted.

ad 1: In case of status published, you will have the chance to review post details on linkr or directly jump to the post on the respective social profile by clicking the provided link.

ad 2.: In case of status review, you are requested to either approve or reject the submitted post or content.

As soon as all deliverables for a particular cooperation have been approved or published, the cooperation will become payable on the Payments menu tab.

The linkr platform allows you to conveniently manage and process cooperation payments from one central view - the Payments screen. How does this work?

Once you have accepted a campaign application or cooperation proposal from an influencer where a payment in cash was part of the agreed compensation, the Payments screen will show an upcoming payment record for this particular cooperation. The record will become payable as soon as all deliverables (e.g. a post to be published on the influencers social media profile or a piece of content sourced from the influencer) have been submitted:


On top you can check, how many deliverables have been fulfilled so far when looking at the “Deliverables” column (e.g. 0 of 1 delivered).

You can pay individual cooperations or pay a set of selected cooperations in bulk mode.

In case of a dispute, you will have the possibility to reject payment. When clicking the reject payment button, a pop-up will show, asking you to specify what exactly your claim is (please be precise here). The influencer will automatically be notified about the rejection and you have the possibility to discuss and settle the dispute via a 1:1 conversation via the linkr “Chat” screen.

At the end of each month, you will be able to download a consolidated tax invoice for all cooperation payments processed via linkr within that month. To download the invoice, please go to your linkr “Account” and switch to the “Invoices” tab:


On the menu item “Cooperations” > “Manage” on linkr, you will see 2 buttons next to each cooperation request or campaign application from influencers: accept and reject.

1. Accept

When clicking on accept, the influencer will receive a notification, informing them about your choice. You will have the opportunity to customise the notification before it is being sent to the influencer:


If free product samples are part of the campaign, then the influencer will have selected their color, size, etc. of choice during the campaign application / request submission process. Also, influencers left their shipping address and email with linkr. As soon as you choose to accept the cooperation request, you will see the required shipping details under "Orders" - main navigation to the left:



For Shopify merchants that did connect their Shopify store, linkr will automatically push an order with all required shipping details to your store.


2. Reject

When clicking on the reject button, the influencer will receive a notification, informing them about your choice. Again you will have the opportunity to customise the notification before it is being sent to the influencer:


There are 2 ways influencers can apply to work with you and your brand on linkr:

1. Campaign Application: This is when an influencer applies to participate in one of the campaigns you've published on linkr. By applying, the influencer has already accepted the terms and conditions you have set in your campaign briefing. You can decide if you would like to accept or decline the application.

2. Cooperation Request: This is an individual cooperation proposal from an influencer, outside of any other campaigns you might have running at the time. The terms and conditions are set by the influencer in their proposal and it is up to you to accept or reject the request under these terms.
Note: linkr also allows you as a brand to send individual proposals (cooperation requests) to influencers.

Both cooperation types are added to your “Cooperations” menu item, providing you with a central overview of all cooperations with influencers on linkr. Furthermore, you are able to check the social profiles of each influencer or even personally chat with each applicant to clarify any pending questions.

Let's have a quick look at the key elements of the “Cooperations” list:

  1. You can use filters to narrow down the list of displayed cooperations - e.g. only show YouTube or only show applications for the "summer sale campaign":


  1. Check the social profiles of the influencer and have a look at key metrics such as audience size or average engagement on the most recent posts:


  1. Click here to check the details, terms and conditions of this particular cooperation request:


  1. This lists the influencer compensation set for this cooperation. Compensation can be cash (e.g. $ x for a post, story, etc), free product samples (sample value automatically subtracted from required cash compensation) or a combination of the previously listed methods:


  1. In case you have questions to a specific influencer or if there are further details to clarify, you can use the built-in chat:


  1. Finally, based on all data at hand, you need to decide whether or not you'd like to accept or decline the cooperation request. Either way, the influencer will receive a notification, informing them about your choice. You will have the opportunity to customise the notification before it is being sent to the influencer:


Note on product samples:

If free product samples are part of the campaign, then the influencer will select their color, size, etc. of choice during the campaign application / request submission process. Also, influencers will leave their shipping address and email. Once you choose to accept the cooperation request, you will see the required shipping details on “Orders”:



For Shopify merchants that did connect their Shopify store, linkr will automatically push an order with all required shipping details to your store.


We always recommend reaching out (which is easy via the linkr built in chat) to discuss any issues with the influencer directly:


If the influencer has submitted the post and is requesting payment you can ultimately decline payment. You are required to provide the reasoning why you are declining payment. linkr's support team will evaluate the reason you are declining payment and get in touch to take next steps.


No you can no longer cancel a cooperation once it has been accepted.

Once your campaign is published on linkr, you have the option to invite influencer through the tab “Invitations” above the published campaign:


Once you invite influencers to a campaign, they will receive a personalised email invitation from linkr which displays your brand and details stating that you are inviting them to become a part of your campaign. With just one click they see your campaign and can apply for it.

This menu item covers all cooperation details. It also gives you the possibility to “Create” your own proposal and see the payment status of your approved applications. In total the tab “Cooperations” gives you 3 choices to select:

1. Manage

a. There you can see what cooperation influencers have applied for. You can take the following actions:

  • Accept Cooperation
  • Reject Cooperation


b. Underneath the column "Name & Cooperation " you can find the "Cooperation proposal" (text in mint green) of the influencer:


c. Also, in case you want or need to get in contact with the influencer (e.g. because the sample might arrive later than expected), feel free to reach out to the influencer via "Chat". Just click on the chat bubble besides the influencers image:


d. Once you accepted or rejected a cooperation or campaign request, the influencer will be automatically notified via mail by linkr.

2. Create

Here you can create your own proposal for a cooperation with a specific influencer. How? Just click the tab and fill out the following:

1. Select channel

  • Instagram or
  • YouTube


2. Select recipient

a. Via search bar option or

b. Via filter option


3. What target do you have in mind?

  • Content only
  • Generate engagement on content
  • Generate followers
  • Generate reach
  • Generate views
  • Generate website visits


4. What content would you like to be delivered by the influencer?

  • Choose either one or a mixture of content deliveries
    • e.g. 1 Instagram Post and 2 Instastories


  • In what language should the posting be
  • Should this cooperation be exclusive


5. Compensation

a. No samples or

b. Yes, I want to send samples

  • Choose your sample selection from the list after clicking this option

c. Cooperation price (comes on top of any selected samples)

6. Planning

  • Cooperation running time

7. Cooperation concept

  • Give your proposal a headline
  • Press the “Generate Proposal” button on the right hand side to automatically fill out the briefing. Please describe what you're requesting form the influencer in the yellow marked text. Or
  • You can fill out the form all by yourself


8. About your brand

  • introduce yourself

9. SAVE and/or

10. SEND PROPOSAL to the influencer

Once you have sent the proposal to the influencer, your proposal will sit under “Cooperations” > “Manage” at the very top of the list. The influencer will get a notification of your proposal and will give feedback (accept or decline) within days.

3. Payments

Please see the payment status of your approved cooperations here:


First of all, please choose the ambassador subscription to be able to activate this feature. Then go on the menu item "Ambassadors".

1. Type in the middle of your URL. For example, if your URL is, then put in the "Set your own URL" line: brand-test123. Press SAVE after that.

2. Upload an image that should sit on the right-hand side of your ambassador site Press SAVE after that (once you click the "Preview login button" you will see what we mean by that). Press SAVE after that.

3. Optional: if you like you can put in your own welcome text for the registration page. Press SAVE after that.

By clicking either the login or the register button you will be able to see how your final ambassador site will look like if influencers click it on your website. Therefore please have a look and adjust it until you are happy with it. You can make changes at any time.

Installation of ambassador program on your website:

1. Place the text "ambassador program", "influencers", "ambassadors" or however you want to call it in your footer.

2. Then go on the linkr ambassador program feature and click the "Preview login" button so you get on the login site. Copy the URL at the very top and insert this link behind the text you just placed in your footer. Done!


Most campaigns and cooperations with influencers (on linkr and in general) involve seeding samples to the influencer. linkr allows you to define which / how many samples the influencer should be able to select when setting up a campaign.

Sample selection from influencers then happens when they are applying to one of your campaigns. Applications can be reviewed on “Cooperations” or directly on the campaign (see the tabs above the campaign briefing).

If you accept a campaign application or cooperation request, you will need some further details in order to be able to seed the selected sample(s) to the influencer. Therefore, as soon as you click accept, we will create a sample order on “Orders”, giving you details such as size, color, etc. as well as the influencer's shipping address (including the email address for shipping notifications):


Updating the status is also a nice to have feature in order to know what has happened already with that influencer (see dropdown). You can set the status:

  • Created
  • Paid
  • Shipped
  • Returned
  • Refunded
  • Canceled
  • Payment failed