How does linkr decide whether or not to accept my merchant application?

When you submit your application to linkr, our account management team will review your store by looking at your website and social channels. There are several key factors that we use to decide whether you have the right fit for the linkr network - amongst others these are:

  1. The quality of your website and store: including imagery, product descriptions, shipping options, payment options and returns policy.

  2. Quality and type of your products: we determine if your products will be well received by our influencer network based on their quality, price and type. Please note that if we decline this does not mean we believe your products are bad, it is simply an indication that they are not a good fit to what linkr has to offer at that time.

  3. Fit to linkr influencers: linkr works with thousands of influencers worldwide and we actively look for brands that are a good fit to those influencers. So if we do decline your application it could simply be because at that point in time we don't have the right influencers for you, in which case we will make sure to get back in touch with you once we have influencers that could benefit your store :)

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