How is Influencer Marketing different from affiliate marketing?

Influencer Marketing and affiliate marketing are both popular forms of digital marketing, but they differ in their approach and goals.

Influencer Marketing involves partnering with an individual who has a significant following and influence over a specific audience, usually in a particular niche. The influencer promotes a product or service to their followers through sponsored posts, product reviews, or endorsements. The goal of Influencer Marketing is to leverage the influencer's credibility and reach to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing involves partnering with affiliates who promote a product or service on their website, blog, or social media channels. The affiliate earns a commission for every sale that results from their promotion. The goal of affiliate marketing is to increase sales and revenue for the brand while also incentivizing the affiliate to promote the product.

While both disciplines are different in nature, they can overlap, subject to the campaign or cooperation setup.

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