General info

As an influencer there are no up front costs for influencers. When you earn money with linkr we take 15% of your earnings as a fee. You can see an exact breakdown on either

  • your “Invoices” screen:


  • or your “Payments” screen:


After you have been accepted for a cooperation and have delivered + uploaded your postings as requested, you will be paid out at the end of the following month after the campaign has taken place. Attention: In case the last dates of the month are on a weekend, the compensation will be paid out the week after.

Example: If you have been part of a campaign in April (the official end posting date of the campaign needs to be in April too) you will be paid out at the end of May.

You can check your current payment status under “Cooperations” > “Payments”:

  • Posting not delivered yet
  • Ready for payment (means posting delivered)
  • Payment released by the brand (when brand has paid)
  • Payment completed by linkr (see payment on linkr)


The payment will be automatically transferred on your PayPal or bank account. Please make sure to insert your Paypal ID or bank account details under "Account" > "Settings" > "Payments" on linkr to be paid out on time:


Commission linkr

linkr will keep a 15% commission of the agreed compensation during payout.

Example: If the screen shows you 100 EUR compensation, we keep 15 EUR (= 15% commission) and you will receive 85 EUR payout.

In addition, commissions are only paid out from an amount of 10 EUR. As soon as you have reached this 10 EUR, this amount is automatically paid out at the end of the following month.

In case you need an invoice for your business, please first fill in your details regarding your business under "Account" > "Company".

After you have been paid out for cooperation you will find the invoice to download under the tab "Invoices".

Account settings

You can setup the following data on your account:

1. Profile

  • User information (Mandatory)
  • Address for product sample shippings (Mandatory)
  • Language preferences (Mandatory)
  • Payments: PayPal or bank transfer (Mandatory)
  • Deactivate account
  • Change Password

2. Company

  • Business information (optional)
  • Deactivate business account

3. My channels

  • Instagram information (Mandatory if applicable)
  • YouTube information (Mandatory if applicable)
  • TikTok information (Mandatory if applicable)

4. Invoices

  • Past invoices (overview)
Please do not forget to click SAVE every time you finish a paragraph to save your inputs!

First of all, the setup of your own public page is FREE.

1. Click on your "Account", then go to "Public page" in the mint green bar

2. Enable the public page

3. Enter your Instagram profile name in the bar. If, for example your Instagram profile name is raffaelaromina, then enter raffaelaromina like below:

4. Enter your profile description, what you would like to let others know who see your public profile page. Fill it out in at least one language or more if you like.

5. Then add some images you would like to present on top of your profile page.

6. The more social channels you have activated on your linkr account, the more will be presented on your profile.

7. Placing the whole link on Instagram in your bio, it will look like this:


by clicking it it looks like that on desktop and on mobile:


Brands are now able to send you a non-bidning proposal which you can look at and either accept or decline:


You can also place the link on in case you are using it. Then it could look like this:

1. bio link


2. Behind the button "Kooperationsanfragen" sits the profile public page link


Need more info? Contact now!

There are several key factors that we use to decide whether or not you have the right channel for linkr:

  1. The quality of your audience: we look at how engaged your audience is with your content. This is different for each channel, for example on Instagram it's about how much they interact with your profile (i.e. comments, likes, re-posts etc..), on YouTube it's how many people who subscribed to your channel also watch your videos.

  2. Quality of your content: we look at how much effort you put into your channel, this is a combination of how often you post but especially how much thought you put into each post. Is there a story behind it, something unique and do you have a consistent style.

  3. Total audience size: this one is not the most important to us, however we do have a minimum requirement of 5.000 subscribers, followers or monthly site visits.

  4. Fit to linkr brands: linkr works with hundreds of brands worldwide, we actively look for influencers that are a good fit to those brands. So if we do decline your application it could simply be because at that point in time we don't have the right brands for

At the end of each month we payout your earnings via PayPal or bank transfer, this makes it fast and secure as you do not need to provide us with any sensitive information. You can enter your Paypal ID or bank details on your “Account” > “Settings" > "Payments":


Cooperations & Campaigns

You can either:

1. upload them on the dashboard:


2. or under the menu item" Cooperations" > "Manage" > "Accepted" > click on the mint green button "View":


This will open a window on the right side of the screen. There you can upload the REAL (no screenshots!) photo postings as well as the REAL Instagram Story videos so that your cooperation receives the status "Completed". Only then can your compensation be paid out by the brand and be considered completed.


1. simply click on the square in the top right-hand corner to open the upload screen for submission:


2. The upload field opens:


3. enter the metrics and the link to your post on Instagram there.


5. Then upload one or more photos to the media library:


6. after clicking on "Open media library", upload your photos by "browse" or dragging your photos into the designated field:


7. as soon as this is displayed, click upload. You can also upload several photos at once:


8. now the photo appears in the display and you can select it for the brand to view. Click the green button "Select".


9. so it is displayed at the front of the overview:


10. if you have taken several photos on your post (e.g. a carousel), then simply click the button "Add segment" so that you can display another photo there:


The white dots on the bottom of the picture show you how many pictures the brand can see of you. You have to upload these beforehand - like the first picture - and then select them so that they are displayed. In the example picture above you can see that 3 photos are now visible to the brand, as three white dots are shown.


11. If you have selected too many pictures in the overview, you can delete them again by clicking on "Remove segment":


Uploading stories works according to the same principle as explained above for the photo post. Please make sure that you upload your real videos of the stories to linkr and not "screenshots" of them. The only thing that is different from the photo post upload is that you don't have to enter a link to your Instagram Story and fewer metrics are required than with the photo post:


FYI: If your Instagram Story consists of, say, 5 segments/clips/videos, please upload all 5 and select them for viewing. Then there should be 5 white dots at the front of the overview (see bottom of image). Also click through them so you can see if all your clips are added. Don't forget to save!

Do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact us at

Check out the latest campaigns either on

  1. Your “Dashboard” through “Trending brands and cooperations”. Click the tab “View all” to see all campaigns or click “View” on the campaign tail to get directly to the campaign briefing and application:


  1. Or under “Discover” on your menu. Click “View” on the campaign tail to get directly to the campaign briefing and application:


Follow these steps to apply for a cooperation:

  1. Read through the details of the cooperation (posting requirements, posting timeline, compensation) and if you agree to the conditions, click on the light green button "Apply and select samples" underneath the header image:


  1. Look at the available product samples and make your selection by clicking "DETAILS” underneath the product image:


  1. Then choose the size and colour (if requested)

  2. "Edit your shipping address" on the next screen and click "Select" when edited.

  3. Once you have selected your chosen products (click deselect if you want to make a change), please click the light greet button “Confirm you application” at the bottom of the screen:


  1. On the very last screen you can

  • see the price offer (minus the selected sample value)
  • adjust this price offer in the field below
  • agree to the terms and conditions by placing a tick
  • submit your application
    • All these steps need to be considered and filled out to successfully apply for a campaign


  1. After you have followed the steps above, your application sits under the menu item "Cooperations" > “Manage”. If not, you must have forgotten a step in the application process.

After you have applied for a specific campaign or cooperation on linkr, it sits under the menu item "Cooperations" > “Manage”.

  • You have sent a proposal? Then it sits there as well


If the brand`s logo / the cooperation does not show up there, the application did not go through as you might have forgotten one step or click in the application process.

After the application deadline, the brand gives feedback to you by either approving or declining your application: Additionally an email goes out to you with specific feedback, why your application was (1.) declined or (2.) approved.

1. Application declined:


2. Application approved:


After approval:

1. If required in the posting requirements, check the personalised link or code you should use for the cooperation. You can find it either on the cooperation briefing (on the right hand side), in the email you received for approval or (if the brand hasn´t had the link/code by that time) or on your linkr "chat".

2. Before your posting goes online, make sure you have read all posting requirements on the brand´s briefing to not miss out on any details which you accepted by applying for the cooperation. Find all posting requirements under "Cooperations" > “Manage” next to the brand´s logo (click the text in mint green showing the name of the cooperation).


3. In case the brand wants to approve your content before the posting, please make sure to upload the required content under "Cooperations" > “Manage” by clicking the “upload sign ⏏︎” under “Deliverables” on time If this is NOT required: upload your post on linkr after you have posted on the required social channel on the required dates to inform the brand automatically that your posting is done as required and that you can be paid out.


4. Once uploaded, the brand will check your post. In case the post did not entirely fulfill the posting requirements, the brand will reach out to you via linkr chat.

If the posting requirements are not fulfilled as required, you will not get the compensation as stated. Therefore ONLY apply if you can hold the posting dates/timings as well as ALL requirements in the cooperations briefing. If not, please do not apply!

5. The compensation will be transferred via linkr to your PayPal or bank account (if inserted on your linkr account > Settings) after the campaign at the end of the following month. Please notice that linkr takes a 15% provision cut of your compensation.


This menu item covers all cooperation details once you have applied for a campaign or sent a cooperation request to a brand. It also gives you the possibility to “Create” your own proposal and see the payment status of your approved applications. In total the tab “Cooperations” gives you 3 choices to select:

1. Manage

a. There you can see what cooperation you have applied for. The status of your cooperation request is first of all:

  • Applied, waiting for brand to answer and after the application deadline either
  • Accepted or Declined


b. Underneath the column "Name & Cooperation " you can find the "Posting Requirements" (text in mint green) of the campaign or proposal you sent on your own. Always have a look at it before you publish a posting making sure that you cover all requested points in the briefing.

c. Also, in case you want or need to get in contact with the brand (e.g. because the sample might not have arrived on time), feel free to reach out to the brand via "Chat". Just click on the chat bubble besides the brand´s logo.

d. Once accepted or rejected by the brand, you will be additionally notified via mail by Therefore please make sure we don't end up with this email address in your spam!

2. Create

Here you can create your own proposal for a cooperation with the brand. How? Just click the tab and fill out the following:

1. Select channel

  • Instagram or
  • YouTube


2. Select recipient

  • Via search bar or
  • Via filter option


3. What would you like to offer

  • Content only
  • Generate engagement on content
  • Generate followers
  • Generate reach
  • Generate views
  • Generate website visits


4. What content will you deliver

  • Choose either one or a mixture of content deliveries
    • e.g. 1 Instagram Post and 2 Instastories


5. In what language will you post

  • Will this cooperation be exclusive


6. Compensation

  • No samples or
  • Yes, I want to get samples
  • Choose your sample from the list after clicking this option
  • Cooperation price (on top of any selected samples)

7. Planning

  • Cooperation running time

8. Cooperation concept

  • Give your concept a headline
  • Press the “Generate Proposal” button on the right hand side to automatically fill out the briefing. Still please describe what you're offering in the yellow marked text. Or
  • You can fill out the form all by yourself


9. About you

  • introduce yourself

10. SAVE and/or

11. SEND PROPOSAL to the brand

Once you have sent the proposal to the brand, your proposal will sit under “Cooperations” > “Manage” at the very top of the list. The brand will get a notification of your proposal and will give feedback (accept or decline) within days.

3. Payments

Please see the payment status of your approved cooperations here:


On the "Discover" menu item you can look for your favourite brands and campaigns.

  1. You can either apply for a campaign that is online at the moment, by clicking the mint green “View” button on the campaign tile. Then you will get to the campaign briefing. There you can apply for the campaign.


  1. Or you can send a proposal to a brand that is visible there by clicking the mint green “View” button on the Brand tile.


  • Once on the brand screen, you can see the available products of the brand. Click the mint green button “Send Proposal” to get to the proposal screen to request a cooperation:


  1. In order to specify what you are looking for, you can use the filter option at the top of the page (grey bar):


You can register posts for specific campaigns and cooperations as soon as your application to that campaign or cooperation offer has been accepted by the brand and up until the very last day of the campaign or cooperation. After that, you will no longer be able to register posts. Please be aware that without uploading a posting on time, we won't be able to do the pay-out accurately.

To upload a posting, simply go to “Cooperations” > “Manage”. Click on the upload symbol (see image 1.) next to your accepted cooperation and follow the instructions as well as fill out the given fields. When clicking “Saved” and “Set as Published”, the upload symbol becomes light green (see image 2.):





No you can no longer cancel a cooperation once it has been submitted. You can only contact the brand via the chat to inform them you no longer want to participate and ask them to not approve your application. Please bear in mind that if this is done short notice, it could upset the brand.

linkr only forwards your request to the brand who owns the product. The brand is responsible for accepting or declining your request as well as shipping it to you.

Not at all, all your content and channels will still belong to you! For certain campaigns or cooperations, brands will ask for allowance to use your content for e.g. reposting it on their own channels or using it on their homepage or for advertising. By applying to such a cooperation, you are giving your ok to the brand to use the content you have generated. However, the content itself will always be yours.