What happens after I have been accepted for a cooperation on linkr?

Congratulations on being accepted for a cooperation on the linkr platform! We understand that you might have questions about the next steps. To help you navigate the process, we've put together this FAQ to provide you with more details on what to expect.

1. When will the products be sent?

After being accepted for a cooperation, the brand will typically send you the products that you need to create content for, if you are accepted to the appropriate campaign type. Please make sure your delivery address is up to date in your profile and while accepting the cooperation.

2. How do I get prepared for the cooperation?

To prepare for the cooperation, it's essential to carefully review the briefing provided by the brand. The briefing will outline the specific requirements and guidelines for your content creation, including the creative direction, key messages, and any special instructions.

2.1. How can I locate the briefing?

To access the briefing, navigate to the 'Cooperations' section and select 'Manage.' Within this area, click on 'Accepted Cooperations.' Next, find the specific cooperation of interest and select the 'Details' link. This action will open a new screen. Here, you can view the briefing by clicking on 'View Cooperation Contract.' This option will display the details of the briefing you have applied for.

3. What do I need to do before the start date?

Before the cooperation's start date, it's crucial to read the briefing thoroughly and ensure you understand all the requirements. This will help you create content that aligns with the brand's expectations and objectives.

4. What about posting requirements?

During the cooperation, you'll need to fulfill the posting requirements as specified in the briefing. This typically includes the number of posts, hashtags, and any other specific instructions provided by the brand.

5. When should I upload my postings after the cooperation end date?

Once the cooperation ends, make sure to promptly upload all your content on the linkr platform as instructed in the briefing. This ensures that the brand can review and approve your work(if it is required).

6. What information and numbers do I need to provide?

You'll be required to fill in all the necessary data and numbers related to your content, such as engagement metrics, reach, and other key performance indicators. This information is crucial for the brand to evaluate the success of the cooperation.

7. When will I receive my payment from the brand?

The brand will release your payment once you've completed all the required steps, including submitting your content and providing the necessary data. Please allow some time for the brand to review and process your work.

8. When can I expect linkr to pay out my compensation?

After the cooperation ends, linkr will process and pay out your compensation at the end of the following month. This allows us to ensure that all aspects of the cooperation are completed and that the brand is satisfied with your work.

We hope this FAQ has provided you with a clear understanding of what to expect after being accepted for a cooperation on the linkr platform.

If you have any further questions or encounter any issues during the process, feel free to reach out to our for assistance. We wish you a successful and rewarding cooperation experience!

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