Where can I find influencer cooperations and influencer campaigns on linkr?

Check out the latest influencer campaigns either on

  1. Your “Dashboard”
  2. Or under the linkr menu item “Discover”

Follow these steps to apply for a cooperation:

  1. Read through the details of the cooperation (posting requirements, posting timeline, compensation) and if you agree to the conditions, click on the light green button "Apply and select samples" underneath the header image:


  1. Look at the available product samples and make your selection by clicking "DETAILS” underneath the product image:


  1. Then choose the size and colour (if requested)

  2. "Edit your shipping address" on the next screen and click "Select" when edited.

  3. Once you have selected your chosen products (click deselect if you want to make a change), please click the light greet button “Confirm you application” at the bottom of the screen:


  1. On the very last screen you can

  • see the price offer (minus the selected sample value)
  • adjust this price offer in the field below
  • agree to the terms and conditions by placing a tick
  • submit your application
    • All these steps need to be considered and filled out to successfully apply for a campaign


  1. After you have followed the steps above, your application sits under the menu item "Cooperations" > “Manage”. If not, you must have forgotten a step in the application process.

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