How does linkr decide whether or not to accept my application?

There are several key factors that we use to decide whether or not you have the right channel for linkr:

  1. The quality of your audience: we look at how engaged your audience is with your content. This is different for each channel, for example on Instagram it's about how much they interact with your profile (i.e. comments, likes, re-posts etc..), on YouTube it's how many people who subscribed to your channel also watch your videos.

  2. Quality of your content: we look at how much effort you put into your channel, this is a combination of how often you post but especially how much thought you put into each post. Is there a story behind it, something unique and do you have a consistent style.

  3. Total audience size: this one is not the most important to us, however we do have a minimum requirement of 5.000 subscribers, followers or monthly site visits.

  4. Fit to linkr brands: linkr works with hundreds of brands worldwide, we actively look for influencers that are a good fit to those brands. So if we do decline your application it could simply be because at that point in time we don't have the right brands for

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