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Quality Influencer Access

Your shortcut to high-quality Influencers and Content Creators

linkr offers an exclusive network of quality influencers and content creators, curated with care to save brands time in finding the perfect fit. With AI-powered suggestions, advanced filters, and at-a-glance search cards, linkr helps brands quickly identify potential candidates for influencer campaigns.

In addition, linkr allows brands to launch their own ambassador program to identify new opportunities and relationships. And if a brand can't find the influencer they're looking for, linkr's talent scouts can add them to the platform.

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Streamlined Influencer Management

Effortlessly manage influencer campaigns and collaborations with linkr

Looking for a streamlined way to manage your influencer marketing campaigns and cooperations? Look no further than linkr. With linkr, you can easily craft and send tailored cooperation proposals, set up lightning-fast campaigns with customizable templates, and even create completely unique campaigns with the Custom Campaign Wizard.

Plus, our platform streamlines your workflow by centralizing all inbound cooperation requests, ensuring that you never miss out on a great collaboration opportunity again. Join linkr today and take your influencer marketing game to the next level.

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Influencer marketing vs paid ads

Can Influencer Marketing Fill the Paid Ads Performance Gap?
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Customizable compensation strategies for your Influencer Marketing campaigns

linkr offers a variety of compensation strategies to fit the unique needs of brands, including bidding mode, fixed price, samples only (a.k.a. barter deals), sales commission, and hybrid variants. With the bidding mode, brands can get the best possible price for their campaign, while the fixed price eliminates the need for negotiation.

The samples-only compensation strategy lets brands exchange products for exposure, and the sales commission campaign ensures that brands only pay for influencer results that lead to actual sales. With linkr's hybrid compensation options, brands can customize their compensation plan to meet their specific campaign goals.

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Wien, Austria

Audience Size 25,428 Category Home and Garden Food and DrinkPetsStyle and FashionTravel


Cottbus, germany

Audience Size 221,273 Category Health and Fitness Sports


Ulrichskirchen, Austria

Audience Size 97,108 Category Travel Food and Drink


Wien, Austria

Audience Size 47,982 Category Beauty and Cosmetics Beauty and Cosmetics

Ettenheim, Germany

Audience Size 65,266 Category Food and Drink Health and Fitness


Graz, Österreich

Audience Size 6,275 Category Pets Pets


Asbach-Bäumenheim, Germany

Audience Size 797 Category Beauty and Cosmetics Sports

Sandra Weber

Obernburg a. Main , Germany

Audience Size 5,646 Category Family and Parenting Travel

Jacoba Kriechmayr

Linz, Austria

Audience Size 12,515 Category Sports Health and FitnessStyle and FashionTravel
e-commerce integration

Streamline your Influencer Marketing with automated product and eCommerce integration

linkr offers a comprehensive solution for brands to seamlessly integrate their product inventory into the platform, automate product sample orders, discount code creation, sales tracking and commission calculations. With linkr's automated shop system integration, you can maximize your time and minimize errors, making influencer marketing a breeze.

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Want to see linkr in action?

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Simplified Cooperation Payments

Simplify your influencer cooperation payments and invoicing

linkr's payment and invoicing feature helps brands simplify the entire payment process for their influencer collaborations. linkr suggests a price tag for each cooperation. Brands and influencers can then easily negotiate and agree on a price they both consider fair. Once completed, brands can pay the agreed-upon amount with just one click.

The platform also automatically tracks and calculates sales commissions, making payouts effortless for brands. In addition, linkr's invoicing process helps keep accounting departments happy by automatically generating invoices and allowing for single or bulk payment modes. Also, linkr generates product sample invoices, ensuring hassle-free compliance with tax authorities

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Authentic content from Influencers

Amplify your brand's reach with authentic, Influencer-generated content

linkr offers a platform that connects brands with influencers to create high-quality content that resonates with their audience. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, linkr enables you to source branded content flexibly and at scale, without the burden of long-term commitments. With the power of influencers, you can unlock cost-efficient and scalable content sourcing while harnessing the potential of user-generated content.

Plus, you retain creative control and maintain a consistent brand image with pre-approval of all created content. Use linkr to create stunning branded content with influencer collaborations and amplify your brand's message with authenticity and engagement.

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