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What is linkr

linkr is the software solution that decreases the overhead of launching campaigns by automating everything from campaign creation, managing communication, negotiating prices, managing product samples, tracking posts, analysing impressions, site traffic and sales down to paying the influencers. The linkr marketplace furthermore connects and facilitates cooperations between organisations of all sizes and the more than 7.6 million social media influencers that exist worldwide.

How do ratings work?

After each cooperation you and the brand can rate each other to give feedback. If you were happy with a cooperation you can award a 5 star rating. The average rating of your account is displayed in the campaign list to help brands and influencers decide whether or not to cooperate with each other in the future.

What are levels on linkr?

Influencers on linkr each get a level. The level is based on your engagement, reach, rating and earnings. Basically the higher your level the more cooperations you will get access to.

What requirements are there to register on linkr?

Once you are registered you will need to create a pro-user request to be able to participate in cooperations on linkr. Being part of the link network means becoming part of a global network of rising stars. Our approval criteria are based on your content quality, engagement rates, growth, reach and uniqueness.

How do I become a pro-user?

You either fill out the pro user form directly after registration (pops up automatically) or by clicking on your “Profile” after registering by entering the “Edit Profil Information” and clicking the button “Become Pro User” in the lower left corner.

How does linkr benefit me as an influencer?

  1. Earn fair value for you’re social account.
  2. Access to hundreds of potential cooperations.
  3. Easily and securely manage your earnings.
  4. Analyse your cooperations over time.
  5. Check the ratings other influencers gave a brand before deciding to work with them.

How are the rights to my content and channel impacted?

Not at all, all your content and channels will still belong to you!

Can I use linkr for free?

As an influencer there are no up front costs for influencers. When you earn money with linkr we take a % of your earnings as a fee (normally 15%). You can see an exact break down of this on your monthly receipt which we send to you via email.

How do I find new brand cooperations on linkr?

As an influencer you can find new cooperations on the “discover campaigns” screen (www.linkr-network.com/campaign/discovercampaigns). We also send you a weekly personalised newsletter which contains the latest campaigns and products available on linkr.

Why do you need my PayPal information?

At the end of each month we payout your earnings via PayPal, this makes it fast and secure as you do not need to provide us with any sensitive information. You can enter your Paypal ID on your “Profile” > “Edit Profile Information”.

Should I mark my videos or posts as advertising?

There are still no specific legal regulations for influencer marketing. In order to avoid the accusation of hidden advertising, linkr recommends that all posts and videos supported by product placement are clearly marked as sponsored or advertisement. For example on YouTube, you should insert “supported by product placement” for a few seconds at the start of the video and also use this in the video description, on Instagram you should include this in the description as well. Additionally, it is a good idea to include a link to the advertising partner who has supported you financially.

Does linkr send me free samples?

linkr only forwards your request to the merchant who owns the product. The merchant is responsible for accepting or declining your request as well as shipping it to you.

What social media platforms does linkr support?

We support YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and blogs.

What is the linkr campaign manager?

The linkr campaign manager is our tool that guides you step by step throughout the process of setting up your influencer campaign.

What is the create campaign wizard?

Provides a step by step process to define a campaign. The wizard covers campaign briefing, posting requirements, influencer selection, compensation definition and product selection.

What is the “my influencer cooperations list”?

This is your central list of all the influencers that have either indicated they wish to work with you or have already done so in the past. It contains key data on earnings, demographics, reach and allows you to manage new cooperation requests.

Payments and posts screen

All delivered posts are presented in the payments & posts screen. From here you can efficiently review and payout delivered cooperations.

Analytics screen

Provides an overview of all your cooperations, displaying views, clicks, likes, comments and sales generated over time, by campaign and by influencer.

What types of campaigns can I run with the campaign manager?

1. Product reviews: ask an influencer to provide an honest review of your product on their social media profile. Important is that the influencer really informs their audience about your product. If they love it ask them why, is it the material? The unique design? (tip: if the influencer receives your product and does not like it, politely ask them to send it back to you and offer them the chance to select a different product).

2. Special events: setup a campaign that is organised around a specific event such as Valentines Day. This requires good coordination on timing of posts and usually involves content that is harder to reuse after the event is over. It helps to plan these far in advance so you have a great pool of influencers ready to go.

3. Brand story on a blog: is your brand story really unique? Then ask the influencer to write a blog post about it. Good blog posts are quite a bit of work so  you will likely need to pay a fixed fee. However the content, SEO and traffic benefits can be massive.

4. Discount action: want to boost short term revenue quickly? Use a limited time discount code to convert followers into buyers. Send free samples to influencers and ask them to let their audience know the product can be purchased at a discount only by using the code.

5. Look-books: work with a set of influencers (i.e. 5 to 10) to create image or video content specifically for a look book. This usually involves inviting the influencers to a studio and setting up a day of shooting to generate high quality content that can be used on specific web pages or social profile. This is also a great way to build long term relationship with the influencer.

6. YouTube haul: YouTube influencers frequently post hauls where they show their most recent purchases. Reach out to influencers that fit your brand and offer to sponsor some products for their next haul.

7. Lottery: give an influencer a number of free products which they can use in a lottery for their audience. Influencers love giving something to their audience as it increases their engagement and your brand will benefit from the positive exposure.

8. YouTube unboxing video: reach out to a YouTube influencer to do a dedicated unboxing video of your product. This works especially well if the packaging of your product is well designed.

9. Ambassador selection: acting as a kind of contest, you can ask influencers to submit their best content for you to select a set of influencers with which to build a longer term cooperation (usually under contract).

10. Favourite products list: ask influencers to select their favourite 2, 5, 10 (or any other number) of products from your brand. Goal is to have the influencer present their favourite list of products from you to their audience.

11. Social media takeover: ask an influencer to take over your social media profile for a certain amount of time. The influencer will bring new followers from their audience to your profile and be very motivated to generate great content which will help make your social media profile feel very authentic and boot engagement.

12. Influencer inspired product: more and more brands are asking influencers to become involved in the design process. As the influencer has in-depth knowledge of what their audience likes they can often provide new ideas or direction to your product lines. Besides if the new product or collection is co-branded with the influencer they are very motivated to promote your brand and their products as much as possible.

What happens when I invite an influencer to my linkr cooperations list?

They will receive a personalised email invitation from linkr which displays your name, brand and details stating that you are inviting them to become a part of your influencer list.

What do I do if influencers are not responding to my cooperation requests or campaigns?

Please bare in mind that influencers can take 24 hours to a week to respond to requests, so make sure you have enough lead time for your campaigns. If you are not getting any replies make sure to check other campaigns on linkr to compare your offer to the general market and adjust your products, pricing or messaging. If you require consultation on how to best setup your influencer campaigns you can ask for the assistance of our expert team via support@linkr-network.com.

What is the lead time for an influencer campaign?

The lead time can differ per campaign but we generally recommend merchants to have a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 2 months of lead time for a campaign.

Can I cancel a cooperation once I have accepted an offer from the influencer?

No you can no longer cancel a cooperation once it has been accepted.

When will I see the statistics of a campaign on my analytics screen?

You will see any relevant statistics as soon as the influencer has submitted his / her post to you via linkr.

How do I get approved as a merchant on linkr?

To get approved you need to submit a “go-retailer” request to linkr. This includes details on your business such as your address, VAT number and business description so we can check if you are eligible to be on the linkr network. This application process usually takes no longer than 24 hours to process.

What statistics do you track?

The linkr platform stores data on views, clicks, likes, comments, sales, samples sent and payout to influencer via a variety of methods including manual input as well as API integration.

Are the statistics 100% guaranteed to be correct?

Though we take every effort to check fraud, some statistics are supplied by the influencer and sense checked by linkr which can mean data in linkr may differ from the actual channel.

What can I do if an influencer did not deliver in line with the defined cooperation?

We always recommend reaching out (which is easy via the linkr built in chat) to discuss any issues with the influencer directly. If the influencer has submitted their post and is requesting payment you can ultimately decline payment, you are required to provide the reasoning why you are declining payment. linkr’s support team will evaluate the reason you are declining payment and get in touch to take next steps.

What does linkr charge me?

linkr charges a monthly subscription fee based on the number of cooperations you manage with your account. The latest pricing can be found at link-network.com.

I cannot find an answer to my question..

We’re sorry you can’t find an answer to your question right now. Please feel free to send an e-mail to support@linkr-network.com.

If I did not use all the cooperations in my subscriptions, will they carry over into the next month?

No, the amount of cooperations is a monthly cap. The total amount of cooperations you use do not transfer into subsequent months.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, you will be billed up to the point you cancelled (per day of the month you cancelled in).

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